Aikido Shizenkai


New Students Welcome!

Bill and I continue to see our small group of students advance in their understanding and skills. We number around 9-10 dedicated students who have been training anywhere from 1-2 years up to over 10  years. We are fortunate to have trained with our late instructor and work to keep the art alive that he […]

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Train Hard

February is here. We’re past the resolutions, the good intentions and the excuses. Putting your feet on the mat and training- especially when you don’t want to- that’s what hardens the spirit. Life will change, jobs come and go but diligent training…that’s forever. See you in class.

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Happy Holidays

Have a great holiday season. Enjoy family and friends. The dojo is going to get a fresh coat of paint to the walls and the mat at the end of December so we’re going to take a couple of Saturdays off.

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A fresh new face

We’re excited to launch our new site. It’s sure to have a few (or a lot) of mistakes here and there but bear with us as we get this started and thank you for visiting!

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