Welcome to Aikido Shizenkai

Traditional Aikido dojo located in Northern California serving the communities of Redding, Anderson and Shasta and Tehama Counties since 1999. We are a small cadre of teachers and students dedicated to carrying on the teachings and traditions of Aikdio Shizenkai as taught to us by our instructor, Charlie Ii Sensei (deceased).

Find us at 2676 Gateway Drive, Anderson, CA, 96007. Email us at reddingaikido@gmail.com or text/call (530) 941-9768.

Our Style

Aikido is a traditional Japanese Martial discipline which focuses on blending with an attackers energy. Techniques include throws, joint locks and weapons work. Aikido Shizenkai was developed by Yukio Noguchi Sensei and comes from the Yoshinkan Aikido style (considered by some as “hard”, pre-war, style) with influences from Judo, Kendo, and Goju Karate systems. One of Noguch Sensei’s students, Charlie Ii, began training in Hawaii with Noguchi Sensei. After moving from Hawaii, Ii Sensei continued to refine the system emphasizing a relaxed, natural stance and mindset. Focus is placed on proper timing, positioning, and mechanics.

Our Philosophy

Ii Sensei taught in the true Hawaiian manner of “Ohana” or family– that is, he had a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere in the dojo and lived the tradition of “kokua”– to help one another. We continue this training atmosphere to this day. Our style of aikido can be done by anyone: young, old, male or female. Diligent study, sincere effort and a positive, humble spirit will be the qualities needed for success. We train for control over self first, and control over others second.

Join us

If you want to challenge yourself mentally and physically, have fun and explore a traditional moving art form then we may have what you’re looking for. call or email us about visiting a class.

Class times can change so please call first before coming by.